Audio Production Services

MGAP Song Services

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Using my mobile recording technology I can produce full band multitrack recordings in a venue of your choice, from your favourite local studio or rehearsal space to your own living room! You can expect balanced recordings at appropriate levels that faithfully recreate you performances. These tracks or "stems" are then ready for mixing


Mixing a multitrack recording. For studio recordings of music, multiple voices/instruments etc. essential for adding clarity, definition and warmth in order to get the best out of any recording session. Mixing involves processing individual tracks with EQ and dynamic processing before placing all the elements at appropriate levels within a single stereo or surround mix.

If you've ever wondered why your studio session mixes just don't sound as "big" as your favourite records, you probably need to have your tracks mastered. By using a combination of accurate metering and dynamic processing, mastering enables your tracks to sound louder, fuller, better, allowing them to compete with the industry leaders in any playlist.

Timeline Editing

Placing individual audio within a timeline. For presentations, voice-overs, marketing, podcasts, soundtracks etc.

Audio File Editing

Edit a single audio file. For level correction, equalisation, compression, limiting, noise reduction etc.