About me

AKG Perception 220. Just one of the studio condenser mics.

Finding You Voice

 Independent musicians  may struggle to keep up with the demands for new and professional content that the modern music industry demands. I can help you to  focus on  your art by taking responsibility for all of the technical and theoretical knowledge needed to produce a record that stands out in the crowd, leaving you to focus on what's really important, Your music.


Starting With an Idea

As an experienced Music Producer, it is my job to turn ideas into records. I work with songwriters, vocalists and other artists and help turn their  lyrics,  melodies, beats and riffs into finished, releasable songs that their fans can enjoy.


Defining Your Sound

By creating a catalogue of content I can help you ,the artist establish your "sound" and make sure it strikes the right chord with  your audience. By carefully working with instrumentation, tibre and arrangement, together we can create the right mood with your music.